Said The Whale - "Loveless"

This band made me smile. :) Two thumbs up!

There, I said it.

I’m actually a bit happy that the proximity, between you and I, is a bit far. With this, I can miss you a lot more. And you, as well, with me. There’s the idea about two people knowing each other when they’re together but there’s also the idea that two people can know more of each other when they’re apart. I’m trying to see it on the positive note, you know, that maybe this is something beneficial. For both of us. 

However, I cannot prevent myself from feeling a bit down. I have to admit, I am also a little paranoid because you can always lie. We talk through text messages and online chats but as I’ve always said "Words will always be just words". How do I reassure myself that you’re serious about me and all this?

And here, I shall insert the cliché "It’s not you, it’s me" line. I can’t really say that I have trust issues but there are times when my mind starts to wander and wonder.